Choosing a rug for your space is like choosing this precious piece of art that can dramatically change the way you look and bring out the best in you. You obviously need to try it several times to make sure it matches the area or room it is meant for. Let alone dimensions, the pattern, style, and color of the carpet you choose can tremendously impact the overall ambience of your interior design, not to mention your mood and thoughts. Various sizes can completely transform a living area by making it look smaller or larger, while different colors can create feelings of serenity, warmth, intimacy, or even wellness. Iwan Maktabi’s Trial and Home Delivery service offers you the possibility to experiment your favorite selection of rugs in the space of your choice prior to any purchase. Our skilled team will also be ready to assist you in making the right “carpet” decision. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re a phone call away!