Hj. Hussein Maktabi, patriarch of the Maktabi family in Lebanon, immigrated from Isphahan to Beirut in 1926. Like his father before him, his passion was collecting fine oriental carpets. His arrival in Lebanon represented a new source of knowledge and expertise about this treasured art form. Since that time, Hj. Hussein and his sons have undoubtedly become premier purveyors of antique and decorative carpets in the Middle East.



They spread their services from Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to the Gulf area and from Zurich in Switzerland to the rest of Europe.  With the support of his father Abbas Maktabi, Mohamed Maktabi opened Iwan Maktabi Gallery in 1995. Iwan Maktabi proved to be the go-to address for rare carpets and textile art in the region. Based on three generations of expertise, and a rich family private collection of collectible carpets, Iwan Maktabi added to the depth of people’s appreciation for carpets in Lebanon and the region.