IWAN MAKTABI’S piece in Design Miami

Iwan Maktabi achieved a milestone when it was commissioned by the international renowned furniture designer, the Italian architect Vincenzo De Cotiis, In cooperation with Carwan Gallery, who had invited De Cotiis to Lebanon. Iwan Maktabi produced a unique rug, the first such item that De Cotiis ever designed. The rug is part of 'Déchaînements' the new collection of limited edition tables, rugs and glass lighting, inspired by a trip to Beirut, Lebanon. The rug immediately received international exposure and positive reviews among the visitors of the Carwan Gallery in the Design Miami/2014 exhibition.

Mohamad Maktabi, CEO of Iwan Maktabi, expressed his satisfaction on accomplishing such a milestone: “Iwan Maktabi is at the heart of a revolution in carpet world. We take the partnership with Vincenze De Cotiis as recognition of the  avant-garde positioning of our carpet expertise and selection. De Cotiis unique rug developed by Iwan Maktabi is an expression of the ongoing movement to establish new trends and artistic patterns in contemporary rugs and to show that Beirut is at the roots of innovation in the global carpet market”.

The architect Vincenze De Cotiis states that he explores with his unique sensibility the perceptions of different layers of urban space and that of diverse architecture translated in contemporary objects. "I have thought very often after my return from Beirut how this trip has impressed me... I see the lines of architecture blurred in the traces of a lost urbanism. It's an architectural landscape that's layered in different aesthetics, and time periods that are vague and worn by time. All of this fascinated me." Said De Cotiis.

Silk and oxidized wool rug inspired by Lebanese Architecture and produced by Iwan Maktabi. Part of the Vincenze De Cotiis collection 'Déchaînements' revealed in Design Miami/2014 exhibition. The collection was inspired by a trip to Beirut by De Cotiis hosted by the Carwan Gallery.